**New patients please read the entire policy below. Failure to complete any of the steps may result in your visit being cancelled/re-scheduled**

New patients are required to turn in a letter with their new patient packets explaining why they want to be see at Wholesome Family Medicine for holistic healthcare instead of the conventional symptom based healthcare. We do this as we truly strive to be partners in healthcare and only want patients who are committed to the mutual respect this requires and the commitment to being invested in wellness instead of just managing medications/symptoms. Families establishing together need only turn in one letter attached to the packet of all family member's paperwork.

We accept all insurance with the exception of Tricare (working on it!). 

We are only accepting new patients under the following circumstances: 

1. Referral from another healthcare provider.

2. Family member of existing established patients in good standing. 

3. By special exception/request- please call the office for more information. 

We are also taking new nutrition, acupuncture, and aesthetic clients!! Call our office fore more information. 

New patients are required to present completed paperwork and letter before their new patient appointment will be scheduled. Please also be aware of our new patient no-show policy- if you fail to show up for your new patient visit without a call or a documented emergency you will NOT be allowed to schedule in the future. Please understand that our providers take a huge amount of time with our new patients and expect them to be responsible partners in their healthcare journey.

*If you are requesting records from multiple places please fill out a separate for each office. If you are requesting records from either Sanford or the Klamath Children's Clinic please contact our office as they have their own record request forms we are required to use.*

**Please also refrain from wearing any strongly scented personal care products for your appointment due to sensitive staff and providers. Thank you!**

Please download and fill out the appropriate form by age along with the No Show Policy and return the completed form to us, once we have received this we will review it and then contact you. Ways to return the form to us:

Drop off at the office (mail slot is fine if door is locked).

Mail to us at 4036 S. 6th St. Ste. #2 Klamath Falls, OR 97603

Email to us at: frontdesk@wholesomefamilymedicine.com

Fax to us at (541) 851-9322.

Please still plan to arrive at least 20 minutes before your appointment time. 

Please bring current ID and insurance card. Please bring all prescription, OTC, vitamins, supplements, protein powders, etc that you may be taking (bring the bottles please!!). 

If the above directions are not completed, your appointment may be cancelled or re-scheduled at the provider's discretion. 

Call Us: (541) 851-9320 

***As of 10/1/2023 we are no longer accepting new (not yet scheduled) patients for either Dr. Blevins or Crystal Yarnall.*** 

If we have received your paperwork prior to 10/1/23 you will be called to schedule.