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Dr. Blevins is thrilled to announce that she is now trained and offering bioidentical Hormone Pellet Insertion. Although this therapy has been approved for human use, there are few doctors who currently administer estradiol and testosterone pellets in the United States. 

This is an option for both men and women who are on hormone replacement (creams, lozenges, shots, etc) where a subcutaneous pellet is placed under the skin in the buttocks and slowly releases hormones over 3-6 months. Estrogen pellets tend to last up to 6 months, testosterone pellets last for 3-4 months. Progesterone pellets are currently not available, but there are other options for progesterone such as oral or topical. The procedure is a cost of $250 and unfortunately insurance does not cover this, but it can be a very convenient alternative to doing daily creams or weekly injections. Call us for more information or schedule a 15 minute consult if you have questions about this new option to keep your hormones stable! 

For more information check out this well written article about hormone pellets: