Jackie graduated from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and is a Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc) under the Oregon medical board and the NCCAOM. Jackie spent five years studying Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, bodywork including Shiatsu and Quantum Shiatsu, Japanese Acupuncture, Biomedicine, the musculoskeletal system, three years of QiGong including under Master Liu He, and saw hundreds of patients during her residency year in the OCOM student clinic.

Before this, Jackie graduated from Oregon State University with a major in Communications and Minor in French. She spent a semester studying abroad, and discovered that she has a knack for connecting with people of different cultures and backgrounds, understanding that we all have similar hearts, desires, and goals. Her love for humanity transcends the outer trappings of a person's ego, and Jackie prides herself on being able to see the essence of a person, their true self, and she always sees the best in people, Jackie truly loves the quirks, charms, and uniqueness of each person she meets and she loves to help create treatment strategies that compliment each person's unique set of emotional-spiritual-physical needs.

Jackie has had a long road to finding her own good health, and draws from her path in order to help her patients. Jackie is also a BodyTalk practitioner, studies energy medicine as it pertains to emotions influencing biomedical manifestations, and in addition to utilizing the deep and rich modalities within Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jackie has spent many years studying other healing modalities, with many great teachers, and she draws from her many other tools that range from bodywork to tapping to chakras and consciousness. 

Jackie also mentored for four years under an MD/LAc/Functional Medicine Doctor for four years while attending OCOM, and this experience greatly deepened her understanding of how to navigate complex cases. She is passionate about helping people solve mystery illnesses, and also to help find balance in their lives and to create harmonious health so that disease does not occur in the first place. During this experience, Jackie was able to see how science is invaluable, but spirit is always essential. The marriage of logic and heart are the only way Jackie feels she can go about helping someone. They are both essential parts of the healing process.

Jackie's very personal road to healing herself drives her everyday to help others to be able to use this medicine to also change their lives. She is a heart-felt listener, a caring practitioner, and truly loves to share in the process of helping you live your most vibrant, happy and healthy life. 

Jackie Landrum, LAc, MSAOM

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