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​Cryoskin provides safe and non-invasive options for slimming, toning, and improving skin tone.  Read about Treatment Options

Welcome to the new option in body contouring! Wholesome Family Medicine is thrilled to be the only clinic in Southern Oregon offering this life changing service using a top of the line Cryoskin machine. 

Cryoskin, a revolutionary machine developed in Italy, works by using sub-zero temperatures to destroy body fat. We use this science to provide slimming, cellulite and facial treatments with incredible results. Average loss is 1/2-1" per treatment! Read the Science

Cryoskin 3.0 offers precise temperature control, reducing risk of damage to the surrounding tissue, while providing rapid and effective body shaping. Read the Results

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For best results we highly recommend 5 treatments over 10 weeks:

  • Cryoskin Slimming:
    • $350 per single treatment
    • ​5 Pack - $300 per session ($1500 pre-pay)
  • ​​Cryoskin Toning: 
    • ​$350 per single session 
    • 5 pack- $300 per session ($1500 pre-pay)
  • Cryoskin Facial:
    • ​​$250 per single session
    • ​5 pack- $200 ($1000 pre-pay)

Cryoskin is not recommended for those with some health conditions. Those with certain health conditions may require clearance from their medical provider prior to treatment. Cryoskin treatments do NOT replace a healthy diet and lifestyle, but rather provide an option to reduce/eliminate stubborn body fat, cellulite, and areas needing toning. 

Is Cryoskin the same as CoolSculpting? 

​A common question to those interested in Cryoskin is "How is this different than CoolSculpting?" Both Cryoskin and CoolSculpting use "fat-freezing" method to destroy fat cells. The biggest differences are how the cooling treatment is applied, the price, the comfort, and the side effects. 

CoolSculpting uses vacuum suction to apply to a targeted area which then suctions while it cools. The process can take up to 1-3 hours and can often be painful with feelings of pulling and pinching during treatment. Side effects include redness, skin sensitivity/numbness, bruising, stretched/deformed skin. CoolSculpting produces an effect called "the CoolSculpting butter stick" (see below). CoolSculpting results take months to appear and require multiple sessions to achieve this. 

Cryoskin is more comfortable, does not carry the same risks/side effects, costs less, and is more versatile, making it useful on more locations in the body. The device uses a wand that looks similar to an ultrasound wand (see video above) that glides over the targeted area. It is quick with treatments lasting 20-34 minutes and feels cold but should never be painful. Results are noticeable following the first treatment. 

Cryoskin, due to its wand application, can be used for a variety of uses in many areas. Not only can it be used for Cryolipolysis (fat freezing), it can also be used to lift the skin to tighten, smooth, and shape skin. It can reduce cellulite by increasing elastin and collagen production. Toning can help to tighten up loose, saggy skin from normal aging, weight loss, fine lines, wrinkles, and crepe skin. Facials with Cryoskin can help to shrink pores, tighten skin, and reduce inflammation in the skin. It can also be used to tighten/tone the bust area. It can even reduce the appearance of a double chin in a short 14 minute session. Another popular treatment is the Brazilian Butt Lift. This is a 10 series of alternating slimming and toning treatments to accentuate and lift the butt along with slimming and toning the upper thighs/back of legs. 


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