IV nutrient therapy is a treatment which involves administering vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly into circulation via a needle or IV catheter. IV nutrient therapy can be an incredibly powerful tool for a variety of conditions. By administering the nutrients directly into circulation you can bypass the gut, which for patients who have chronic GI issues can be a major barrier to absorbing nutrients from food or oral supplements. IV nutrients can also be administered in higher doses than what can be tolerated orally and it also can "force" more of the nutrients into the cells due to a higher concentration in the blood. Often, IV nutrients are recommended for patients with chronic absorption issues, immune dysfunction, chronic fatigue, or for cancer patients as part of a comprehensive treatment protocol. 

The most famous of IV nutrient formulas is known as a Myers cocktail after Dr. Myers, MD, a Baltimore physician who pioneered much of what we now use for IV nutrition. A Myers cocktail is often described as an "IV multi-vitamin" and can be a fantastic way to boost the immune system during or after illness, for general health and metabolism, or for a variety of other reasons. A great review of IV nutrient therapy including reasons for use and research/support was written by Dr. Alan Gaby, MD and is available here.

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