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After 40 years practicing as an RN in and out of the medical industry, Carolynn became

passionately concerned by the lack of quality education and support for the birthing

family. She saw many mothers desiring unmedicated births, but very little advice on

how to achieve their goals. All too often, with a spirit of defeat and inadequacy, women

turned their bodies and their babies over to medical protocols, denying themselves the

experience of a lifetime. 

​HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator
Culture often programs women to believe that birth is dangerous, difficult and abnormal.

 When you connect with your birthing instincts and the innate intelligence of your birthing

body, you can welcome your baby into the world in a positive atmosphere of calm and joy.

In her childbirth education classes, Carolynn can assist you and your birth companion in

dispelling negative thoughts while imparting knowledge and trust in the instinctive birthing

process. She believes that the time-tested techniques of HypnoBirthing® best prepare

your mind for this remarkable journey, and has witnessed ecstatic births, both in and out

of the hospital setting using these techniques.

Spinning Babies® Parent Educator
Even some of the fittest women can be challenged by living in our western culture. Seated work-styles, driving posture, reclining chairs, all compromise the optimal positioning of baby by creating imbalances within the birth pathway. Carolynn attended the first Spinning Babies® Parent Educator certification class in Minnesota during spring of 2018, and since then, has observed exponential improvement in the time and discomfort experienced by her clients. Applying the Spinning Babies® body balancing techniques during pregnancy and labor creates an environment within the womb that modifies common “road blocks” for greater ease of baby’s passage. The results are undeniable.

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
Once your baby enters the world, the health and protection of him/her is your primary concern. Nothing can substitute mother’s milk in achieving these goals., yet, breastfeeding myths prevail, even in the medical community. Many mothers experience the challenges of pain, cracked nipples, plugged ducts and mastitis, many of which are preventable with an accurate understanding of baby’s innate feeding behaviors and mother’s milk-making process. 

In 2013, Carolynn achieved her IBCLC, the highest attainable breastfeeding certification in the world. She believes that breastfeeding education should start during the prenatal period in order to lay a good foundation for your breastfeeding experience.  That's why she has incorporated 2 hours of breastfeeding education into her childbirth education series. Welcoming your baby into the world with this knowledge gives you a solid foundation  for a nurturing and rewarding breastfeeding relationship. 

Carolynn considers seeing mothers and their babies through any challenges during their breastfeeding journey is one of her greatest joys. She has assisted hundreds of women turn tears of pain to tears of joy within 1-3 post-partum visits.